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Trevor loves to tinker. For example, instead of just using a Squarespace site for this blog, he found a Node.js template, is hosting it via Vercel, and is committing all of these blog posts via Git. Is it efficient? Nope! But, it does provide lots of opportunities for tinkering.

Outside of spending too much time on this blog, Trevor spends his time working with tech companies to help them build and scale interesting products. He’s done that in Product and Growth roles at Prismatic (acq. by LinkedIn), Clara Lending (acq. by Sofi), and Right Side Up. He’s also contracted with interesting companies like DoorDash, Empower, Dell, Microsoft, Criteo, and many others.

Trevor also spent a number of years creating The History of Poland Podcast. This was before everyone had a podcast, so it’s fine. He’s been on hiatus for awhile, but to make sure you don’t miss out on a breaking update from mid-16th century Poland, subscribe here.

When he’s not working, Trevor likes to spend time with his family, reading, fixing up his house, gardening, woodworking. He does all of this from beautiful, sunny Portland, Oregon.

If you’d like to get in touch with Trevor you can reach him via email at trevoragilbert [at] gmail [dot] com.